GlowShot Thermal – Fox


GlowShot Thermal Target – Fox

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Fox Passive Thermal Target.

At 60 x 30 cm these thermal targets are almost life size and use the same passive thermal technology as our zeroing target.

For use by all thermal imaging and NVG devices in all weather, day or night and are repairable for re-use.

  • Allows you to easily practice with your Thermal Rifle Sight.
  • No Power required.
  • Made from a unique material that has natural thermal contrast to give a thermal signature in any weather.
  • Adhesive.
  • Works in any weather for outdoor use.

They come as an adhesive target in a tube, or can be mounted on heavy duty black corflute all ready to go for another $10.

Pack includes:

  •  1 x Fox Passive Thermal Target

These targets are great with our Heavy Duty Steel Target Stand.

Get more repair patches with the Thermal Target Repair Patches 50 Pack.

As with our other thermal targets, tilt them back slightly (10 degrees), away from the shooter.

Special Note: This target is very very adhesive, take care when applying. Beginning with one corner, peel slowly and smooth with a soft cloth as you go. This will stick on a flat surface for 3 generations!


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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 65 × 35 × 2 cm

Rolled Poster, Mounted, Mounted – White


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