GlowShot Thermal Target + Repair Kit


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Passive Thermal Targets.

  • Allow you to easily sight in and practice with your Thermal Rifle Sight.
  • No Power required.
  • Made from a unique material that has natural thermal contrast.
  • Adhesive.
  • 1cm grid for easy correction of point of impact.
  • Works in any weather for outdoor use.

Pack includes

  • Passive Thermal Target.
  • Engineering grade plastic backer.
  • Repair kit:
    • 10 x 10mm Hot Repair patches
    • 10 x 10mm Cold Repair patches
    • BONUS 4 x 20mm repair patches.

Patch your thermal target and use it again and again! Those tight groups COVERED with the 20mm bonus patches!

These targets are great with our Heavy Duty Steel Target Stand.

Get more repair patches with the Thermal Target Repair Patches 50 Pack.

Thermal signature after 6 months of full outdoor exposure? Check out the results:

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 1 cm


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