100mm (4″) AR500 Gong and Self Healing Plate Hanger Combo


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Combo Includes, 2 x Plate Hangers, a 100mm (4″) AR500 12mm (1/2″) Thick Steel Gong Target and 2 x Bolt Kits for hanging gongs. Just add a Last Stand Target Stand for a complete setup.

Great close to medium range steel target. Put it at 200m and a hit means you are within 2MoA. If you can hit it at 400m you are achieving 1MoA!

It is made in Australia of laser cut Australian Bisalloy 500 steel and stands up to repeated hits from centrefire rifles. 12mm (1/2″) thick target is rated for all centrefire calibres.

The Last Stand Plate Hangers are made of a durable self healing ballistic rubber polymer, as long as you don’t use hollow points. They are designed to work with The Last Stand Target Stand. They have two mounting holes to allow for different target hang lengths. The target recovers back to a stable position ready to be shot again much quicker with these targets than traditional chain hangers.

We recommend you wear gloves when handling the stands, hangers and gongs as they will become covered in lead splatter. There can also be sharp pieces of bullet jacket that become embedded in the stands and hangers.

Why are these plate hangers better than chain?

  1. If you shoot the chain you have to replace it, these are self healing.
  2. Target recovers quicker to be ready for your next shot.
  3. Quicker and easier to mount, just slide the hanger along the rebar and put the bolt through the hanger.

What’s the difference between rebar and mild steel rod when hit by a bullet?


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