The Last Stand Target Stand Complete Kit


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  • Made from self healing ballistic rubber polymer.
  • Adjustable for uneven, sloped or rocky ground.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly, very easy to transport.
  • Perfect for Steel targets.

The Last Stand combines six 12mm (1/2 inch) by 1.5m (5′) rebar rods to form a freestanding, completely adjustable and stable platform to support a variety of targets. The Last Stand design allows the user to have a stable, correctly oriented target platform on level, sloped, side hill, rocky and irregular surfaces.

You just need to add some 12mm rebar from your local hardware shop. Cost for this from Bunnings is $25.00

Kit Includes:

  • Last Stand Self Healing Target Stand
  • 100mm (4″) AR500 12mm (1/2″) thick Steel Gong Target for use with centrefire rifles.
  • 2 x Last Stand Self Healing Plate Hangers.
  • 2 x Tough Mounting bolts.
  • 4 x Glowshot Adhesive Targets
  • A 10″ Target backer to allow you to use paper targets with the Plate Hangers.

The Last Stand Target Stand and Plate Hangers are made of a durable self healing ballistic rubber polymer, as long as you don’t use hollow points. The Plate Hangers have two mounting holes to allow for different target hang lengths. The target recovers back to a stable position ready to be shot again much quicker with these plate hangers than traditional chain hangers.

Why are these plate hangers better than chain?

  1. If you shoot the chain you have to replace it, these are self healing.
  2. Target recovers quicker to be ready for your next shot.
  3. Quicker and easier to mount, just slide the hanger along the rebar and put the bolt through the hanger.

We recommend a minimum range of 200m when using this steel target with centrefire rifles.

Pair it with the Centrefire Steel Target Starter Pack for a great steel shooting experience!

Have a go at shooting steel out to 600m with our 200mm (8″) AR500 12mm (1/2″) Thick Steel Gong Target for  Centrefire Rifles.

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