GlowShot Shot Calendar Whats On?

Its the 4th week of June and here are the shoot days, competitions, and events that are on around Victoria.



-CLUB EVENTS Handgun shoots 4th week Monday, from 5 pm at Springvale

-Location Springvale

-Disciplines Combined services

[email protected]  or




CLUB EVENTS this 4th week Thursday at 7 pm

Location Springvale Range

Disciplines 3-positional, field rifle, practical rifle, sports rifle, air rifle

contact Bill O’Connor (phone) 0408 323 060  or Jen (email) [email protected]




CLUB EVENT Rimfire bench-rest 4th Saturday monthly at LJ Jones Point Danger

Location Portland Thistle Road: Benchrest

contact Roger Teal  0434 512 265   [email protected]



CLUB EVENTS Competition Every 4th Saturday, sporting clays – 10.30am

Location Shepparton

Disciplines Sporting clays, 5-stand clays, toner shooting, flush shoots, tin can shoot, skeet shooting

Contact: Geoff Morton 0417 337 494  SSAA Shepparton Branch Facebook



CLUB EVENTS Shoot days 4th Saturday of each month at 1 pm.

Location Mildura

Discipline Single action, pistol, rifle, shogun

contact Emily Lai: 0425 881 592   email: [email protected]




CLUB EVENTS Shoot days 4th Sunday of the month, 10 am

Location Mildura

Disciplines Benchrest, field rifle, 3-positional, rimfire metallic silhouette, centrefire to 600m

Alan [email protected]



CLUB EVENTS Shoot days 4th Sunday of each month, 9 am – 3 pm

Location Eagle Park

Disciplines Single action, centrefire, standard match

contact Tracey-Lee Stewart 0468 328 602   [email protected]


CLUB EVENTS 75-targets or 100-targets competition 4th Sunday of each month

Location Eagle Park

Disciplines Shotgun, sporting clays

Eddie Magee   [email protected] Little River Sporting Clays Facebook


That’s whats on this 4th week of June. Happy Shooting!


The SSAA SHOT Expo is coming soon and GlowShot will be showcasing our whole range of targets to enthusiasts and looking forward to meeting those participating and wishing to participate in the sport.

GlowShot is excited to be apart of  The SSAA SHOT Expo 2018   the nation’s biggest organisation for sporting shooters and the biggest gun expo each year in Australia with hundreds of brands on display, demonstrations, activities and over 15,000 attendees. Be sure to keep an eye out for us!

To celebrate, GlowShot will be holding a competition. First Prize is a Long Range Pack.  This includes a 25 Pack of 12″ Heavy Card Targets, a 25 Pack of 16″ x 10 ” Large Oval Heavy Card Targets and a 25 Pack of 10″ Heavy Card Targets. Runner’s up prize is a 25 Pack of 8″ Heavy Card Targets.

Entering is easy!  CLICK HERE and Like our page to be entered to win.

WINNERS will be drawn on June 25th.  To claim your prize you MUST be living in Australia and must be 13 years and older.

Visitors to the event have the opportunity to see GlowShot’s full range of products as well as 160 other great exhibits, and events and exhibits such as

  • Working Gun Dog Demonstrations
  • Live talks on equipment, gear and techniques.
  • Indoor Archery Range for adults & kids of all ages
  • Indoor Shooting Ranges for adults and kids 12 years+
  • ATN Night Vision Tunnel to test out the latest in night vision & thermal optics
  • and heaps of activities for the kids

we at GlowShot promote safety and training, conservation of lands, ethical hunting, responsible shooting and shooter protection, also showcasing to the general public with the view of improving public awareness, professionalism and safety.

Come and see us at the show, we are near the cafe. Say hi to David, Nitya, Geoff or Pete, we love to meet our customers in person!


Glowshot releases new App

Calculate grouping, and get accurate sight adjustment information on the fly with the new GlowShot App.

GlowShot Targets’ new App will scan your targets to calculate groupings, get your MoA, for easy windage and elevation adjustments.

To celebrate the release of the app available on Google Play, GlowShot Targets is has a special offer on the 50 Pack of 8” Heavy Card Targets, now just $31.95 a 20% saving! But this offer is only available for the next 7 days!

Now with the GlowShot App and GlowShot targets, shooters will be able to scan the shot target, get real-time MOA calculations for easy scope adjustment and share with friends for bragging rights. Here is a quick demo of how it works and some useful tips.


1.Place the Glowshot 8” target on a white background, ( i found if a white background is hard to find try using printer paper to lay the target on) and be careful of glare, also I found 1 meter to be the perfect distance to take the photo.

Open the Glowshot app to take a photo of the shot target. Make sure to adjust calibre and range from options below. Testing this app was a blast, it’s amazing to be able to get real-time shot analytics.




2. Centre the Target. Use the Blue arrows to align the target with the screen crosshair. Once centred, press okay and then enter the number of rounds shot.







3.Results are provided in Millimeters, Inches, and MOA that can be selected by touching the display button. Each shot can be analysed by swiping left and right at the bottom.





I got in contact with David from Glowshot Targets and so far this app is available with Android phones and works with their 8” Heavy Card Targets, but David assured me they will be adding the rest of the target range over time.

(Visit the GooglePlay store to download the Glowshot Targets app– )

Get 20% off a 50 Pack of 8” Heavy Card Targets so you can test out this great new app! On sale for the next 7 days.

available from both Glowshot targets store and our newly launched Facebook store! to visit click here