.300 Blackout as a hunting caliber for Australia

The .300 Blackout has emerged as a new up and coming caliber, with several rifles chambered in it recently released. We wanted to examine what this could be suitable for in the Australian environment.
The round was designed for close quarters combat and was never meant for long range shooting. But it is an effective round at shorter ranges. Like the .30-30 Winchester, this round is best used under 200 yards.

This makes it suitable for a number of species and hunting environments in Australia. It would be perfect for close range pig shooting in scrub. Anyone who is currently using a .30-30 of .45-70 could switch to the .300 Blackout and expect good results.
It also suits close range Sambar deer hunting in the high country, where the caliber delivers good stopping power at the ranges you typically see the deer.

The weight of the bullets range from 78 grain at 2,880fps out of a 20″ barrel to 125 grains at 2,215fps from a 16″ barrel. These are all supersonic, and produce a significant crack when fired.
At the other end of the spectrum you have 220 grain bullets with a velocity of 1,010fps. This provides a real positive of this caliber, which is a subsonic hunting round that can cleanly kill large game. This allows you a better chance of a follow up shot if you miss the first one as well as not spooking other animals nearby.

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