Get a Rifle and Hunt From Zero to the Field

Decided to take the first step to get out and hunt?  where do we start?

I guess first we have to start with a gun license. To get a firearm licence one needs a genuine reason for doing so, this usually falls under two categories; Hunting and Sport/target shooting, in some states you can put both hunting and sport shooting onto the same license allowing you to do both, (I would recommend doing so as it will avoid having to do it later).  Becoming a member of the S.S.A.A allows you to list this as a genuine reason on your gun license application form. (FYI you will not be able to receive a firearm license if you have a criminal record or have committed any violent offences).

Step two is taking your gun safety course, if you have no experience with guns then a good idea is going to your nearest S.S.A.A branch to talk to the safety instructor and book in weapons act safety course.

After you have completed your safety course you will receive a “statement of Attainment” which is your proof that you have completed your safety course.  along with the “statement of Attainment,” you will need 2 passport photos to be submitted with the application.

Submitting the application can be done two ways, online or by going to the local police station and filling the “application for a licence” form 1 and a “proof of identity” form 30, (these can be downloaded online and printed). Your local officer or you then send these form to Firearms Licensing Branch where they will be processed. (minimum 4-week wait). but when your license arrives we are ready to go on to the next step.

If you guessed going to the nearest gun dealer and purchasing your new rifle or shotgun then I’m afraid not yet. first, we need to get a safe and secure it. This requires a safe storage, this means either a gunsafe or for the avid collector a strong room, simply put if a safe weighs less than 150kg it must be bolted down to a structure, drywall does not suffice it must be something like brick or wall studs using bolts. after its installed, you will need to arrange an official to come out and inspect it.

Ok so we have our license and our safe mounted, now off to the gun dealer, but there is one last step before taking home your firearm, you will need your “Permit To Aquire” or “PTA” this can be submitted at the gun store and will take a day or so to process, however since this is our first gun purchase we must wait the 28 day “cooling off” period.

So that is it, once your PTA comes back you are now free to stroll in and collect your firearm. lets just say, you’re only interested in sports and target shooting then head to your local gun range and gun club. Make sure you stock up on GlowShot Targets to sight in with!

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