Star Target – 7 Clay Target Holder


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The Star Target Stand uses a single post to support a 7 clay target holding hub.

The Star Target stand is protected with a tough steel angle, rated to 2900fps at impact.

Shoot the clays with your rifle or pistol for a great reactive target!

Great interactivity, the clay pops when you hit it, heaps of fun to shoot.

Great at long range with a rifle, gives you clear and immediate evidence when you hit it.

Clay targets to use with these hangers are available from your local gun shop for $20-30 for a box of 150-300, making for very cheap reactive targets!

Pack includes

  • Star Target Stand Hub
  • Removable / replaceable stake
  • 7 Clay Target Hangers
  • Rubber Mallet




Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg