Range Pack – Includes Every Paper Target, 350 in Total


Beren October 2015

Hi just want to say thanks
I will purchase more targets off you
I’m extremely happy
Thanks for the bonus targets
And fridge magnet I will recommend all my mates to you


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This Pack includes a huge range of Paper Targets to keep your range well stocked!

It comes with a 25 or 50 pack of each type of Heavy Card and Adhesive Target we sell. These are:

  • 8″ Heavy Card 25 Pack
  • Sighting In Heavy Card 25 Pack
  • Sighting In Adhesive 25 Pack
  • 10″ Heavy Card 25 Pack
  • 16″ x 10″ Oval Heavy Card 25 Pack
  • 12″ Heavy Card 25 Pack
  • 8″ Adhesive 25 Pack
  • 10″ Adhesive 25 Pack
  • 6″ Heavy Card 50 Pack
  • 6″ Adhesive DayGlow 50 Pack
  • 6″ Adhesive Multi Colour 50 Pack

This is a total of 350 Targets, with a RRP of $345.45!

Similar to Shoot N C or Orange Peel targets, but with the bonus of different colours to aid scoring from a distance.

Great quality targets, suitable for all types of target shooting, rifle or pistol.

Any questions just ask
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We are the sole distributor for Australia and New Zealand, inquire if you would like to stock our targets in your store, range or club, or if you would like to purchase in bulk.