Glowshot Steel Target Stand


Glowshot Steel Target Stand

Beren October 2015

Hi just want to say thanks
I will purchase more targets off you
I’m extremely happy
Thanks for the bonus targets
And fridge magnet I will recommend all my mates to you


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This tough stand is ideal for use with all of our targets. It is made in Australia from 6mm steel to stand up to plenty of punishment. It is impervious to all pistol caliber and rimfire rounds with a minimum range of 25m and centre fire rifles less than 2900fpm at 100m or greater. It comes with a stiff target backer that will survive at least 500 hits, two of our 8″ Heavy Card Splatter Targets and four target clips.
It’s steel leg plants firmly in the toughest of soil.
Regular Pack Includes
– Steel Target Stand (350 mm / 14 inches high)
– 8″ Target Backer
– 4 x Target Clips
– 2 x 8″ Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Targets
Deluxe Pack Includes Regular Pack Plus
– 6″, 8″ and 10″ Target Backers
– 500g Rubber Mallet
– 10 Targets – 3 x 8″ Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Targets, 1 each of 6″ Adhesive, 6″ Dayglow Adhesive, 6″ Heavy Card, 8″ Adhesive, Sighting In, 10″ Adhesive and 10″ Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Targets

These Targets have a brightly coloured “splatter” halo that appears around the hole your round makes in the target. This makes it easy to see exactly where you are hitting, rather than having to walk downrange or get out the spotting scope.

Each ring of the target shows a different colour splatter, which makes it even easier to spot your hits. Great in low light, get the most out of your day of shooting!
Suitable for all types of target shooting, rifle or pistol.
We ship our orders from Melbourne every day.
Free Regular Shipping in Australia, Express Shipping available.
if you would like individual packs of heavy card targets click here
Individual packs of Adhesive targets click here


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