GlowShot Clay Target Double Hanger




Hang your clay targets anywhere as reactive rifle or pistol targets.

Allows you to hang a string of clay targets and shoot them from the bottom!

Can be used like a single clay target hanger by twisting one end to hang your string from a branch.

Twist the tail to hang anywhere, can be reused for many hours of shooting.

Simply push the hanger onto the rim of the clay and it will grip securely. Works with all brands, types and sizes of clay target.

Hang from anything!

Great interactivity, the clay pops when you hit it, heaps of fun to shoot.

Great at long range with a rifle, gives you clear and immediate evidence when you hit it.

Clay targets to use with these hangers are available from your local gun shop for $20-30 for a box of 150-300, making for very cheap reactive targets!

Suitable for all types of target shooting, rifle or pistol.
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Narelle March 2018

Thank you will do the job nicely and thanks heaps for the extra targets. Awesome!


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