GlowShot Deadeye Challenge

How far away can you hit a clay target with your rifle?

Step 1: Hang a clay target from one of our GlowShot Clay Target Hangers, as far away as you think you can hit it.

Step 2: Set up Camera with both target and yourself visible (example below)

Step 3 : On camera introduce yourself, eg, name, location and rifle make model and caliber. Take a video of you shooting the clay. If you have a scopecam this is ideal. Don’t worry if not, you can walk up and video the results of your hit.

Step 4: Once you have your video, Upload it to Youtube, if you don’t have a channel click here its easy to create one. You can also email [email protected] and he can organise this side of things.

Step 5: Click here and submit your video link and details.

Once you have entered your details will go on the leaderboard with prizes going to the leader for each section. You will also get a coupon for a bonus in your next target order. Congratulations to Harps who won a Rifle Bag and Range Mat Combo and a 25 Pack of 8″ Heavy Card Targets in the first round of prizes!

Check out the leaderboard and videos here.