GlowShot Deadeye Challenge


We are hosting a long-range challenge for all Glowshot patrons in Australia, and you are challenged to shoot a clay target from as far away as you can.

We will be hosting leaderboards, and have prizes for top placeholders.

Season one first prize (ending Jan 31st) is a range mat and rifle bag combo with targets valued at over $200 dollars, And a grand annual prize for the end of the year 2019 placeholders.

You are challenged to shoot a clay target as far away as you can.
For the next month (until November 20th), we are including one free clay target hanger with every order to assist with the competition, these target hangers allow clay targets to be hung on a fence or tree or be held in a target stand to turn regular clays into reactive rifle targets.



Step 1: To enter the competition you need a CLAY TARGET.  GlowShot for the opening month will be adding a free clay target hanger with every order placed. alternatively, you can order the Marksman Pack $10, includes 5 various GlowShot targets, and 2x clay target hanger.  Postage on all products is free.

Step 2: Place target or clay at what range you designate. A rangefinder is the easiest way to make sure you have your yardage correct. This comp relies on your honestly to some degree, we will be vetting the videos to make sure each entry is legit. (see video details here)

Step 3: Set up Camera with both target and yourself visible (example below)

On camera introduce yourself, eg, name, location and rifle make model and caliber.

Step 4: Video of target or clay being shot in one take (no cuts, stops or edits in the recording) however you are allowed to cut out practice shots in the edit.

Step 5: Once you have your video, Upload it to Youtube, if you don’t have a channel click here its easy to create one

Step 6: Click here and submit your video link and details.

Once your video is reviewed and verified, you will receive a participation pack, Sticker and target,  and coupon along with your name or alias listed on our leaderboards with monthly prize packs for the longest shot of the month with grand prize after 12 months.